LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Teens, your rebellion awaits

Dear editor,

School Choice proponents aim to direct education tax dollars to students and families rather than school systems. The desired result is more freedom and funds for parents to choose the best possible education for their children.

Freedom and funds must go hand in hand in order to make school choice a reality for more students and this concept is overlooked by many union-endorsed politicians.  Expanding school choice is not simply a matter of parents having the ability to choose which school works best–it’s about making sure they have the means to do so.

Politicians rarely take steps to make meaningful changes in K-12 education. They think that spending more on a government-run education system will improve it, yet we see the truth in the nation’s unimpressive NAEP scores.

Our earnings continue to be siphoned away only to benefit a deficient public school system. What our leaders really need to do is start letting funds follow students.

To celebrate National School Choice Week, let’s remind politicians why school choice is the best path forward. With school choice, the focus of education is students, not systems… and why would it be anything else? NCSchoolChoice.com

Angela Humphries

Wake Forest

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