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Wake Forest man charged with woman’s murder

FROM WSJSTAFF REPORTS John Charles Farley, of Wake Forest, was arrested Monday after a woman died from injuries she suffered last month, authorities said. Farley, 51, was charged with murder in the death of Stephanie Farley. Police didn’t disclose how the two’s relationship.  Authorities said police went to John Farley’s home on Hampton Chase Court […]


Walter E. Cole, American Legion Annual Legionnaire Golf Tournament:

 The fourth annual Post 187 Legionnaire Golf Tournament is now history. The Brevofield Links were in great shape as reported by the Tournament Directors. Calling all the participants to the Tee Boxes at the start of the tournament; we were honored to have Mayor Vivian Jones. Winning the top award for the best overall score was the […]


COVID-19 claims outdoor Town events through March 2021

From WSJSTAFF Reports In response to state restrictions on outdoor gatherings, the Board of Commissioners agreed Tuesday to suspend through March 2021 all Town-sponsored events that draw large crowds. As a result, the Lighting of Wake Forest will join Friday Night on White, the Fireworks Spectacular and a host of other 2020 events impacted by […]


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