Gun store burglarized, weapons stolen

The Wake Forest Police Department is looking for help identifying the people in the photo in connection with a break in at Tar River Arms.


A number of firearms were stolen from Tar River Arms on Thursday. 

Wake Forest Police responded to the business at 992 Durham Road. at 4:22 a.m., responding to a call about a break-in. Kurt Michael Lieberman, owner of the store, said a number of guns were taken. 

Below is a list of the guns: 

· (10) pistol SSN# US 20-37658 

· (9mm) pistol SSN# D363424 

· (9mm) pistol SSN# 2221406 

· (22) pistol SSN# 391-50296 

· 12-gauge shotgun SSN# 20-6683 

· (308) rifle SSN# TJJ7054 

· (308) rifle SSN# TJJ7024 

· (9mm) pistol SSN# RON1942348 

· (9mm) pistol SSN# BSTo5314 

· 2 pistol conversion kits 

A photo of two males scoping out another gun store is being circulated. 

Police are asking for help in identifying the two.

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