Juvenile arrested for shooting 14-year-old in leg

By Jay Lamm –

Wake Forest Police have arrested a juvenile — age not given — in connection with the shooting of a 14-year-old in the leg.

Officers reportedly responded to the 200 Block of North Allen on Feb. 2 to an incident and soon thereafter responded to what they determined as a related report of agunshot injury at the 800 Block of North Main Street, according to the Town Communications Director Bill Crabtree.

A male teen was shot and taken to a hospital for treatment, Crabtree said.

Police will not discuss general details of the incident,including when the arrest was made or if any charges have been file against the juvenile in custody. Juvenile arrest records are protected against public scrutiny in North Carolina.

According to Town Attorney Hassan T. Kingsberry, the report on the juvenile who is in custody has not been handed over to Superior Court, an indication of state statute if it occurred that the person arrested would be tried as an adult.


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